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Guest and Former Members

Chris "Clunk" Connolly


Chris played the Drums in Glam45 from 2012 to 2014.

Chris's playing pro started in '81-'97 during which time he drummed in various ne'er do well alternative original bands.
These included Close Action, Subtopia and Arkana, all of which played to fanatic audiences and received great respect on the local scene
He then joined V2 (heroes of Manchester Punk scene) in '97 fulfilling many dates with them including festival appearances at Rebellion.
Chris had always been a fan of Glam Rock so he was extremely happy to be asked by John Rossall (the founder of the Glitter Band) to join his new incarnation of the Glitter Band in '99.

Due to his high profile with John Rossall's Glitter Band he was soon asked to join Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds(freshies) in '01.
And later that same year formed Diamond Dogs, a Glam rock tribute with Mark from V2, Ed Banger and Starbass Jim.
He continued playing for the Glitter Band thru the '00s while also playing for Diamond Dogs then, never one to let the grass grow under his feet, he formed the Bowie Room whilst depping for Bootleg Slade and Glamorize.

When not playing he can be found drum tech'ing for Australian Pink Floyd, Jah Wobble and Amplifier.

Session work...OLDHAM PUBS!
Writing credits..SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS!

Chris has now moved on to concentrate on original music, recording and touring with The Blue Orchids as well as his drum teaching duties and tech'ing tours with various bands.



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