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Dave Airey


Dave plays Guitar and sings Backing Vocals in Glam45.

Dave, born on the wrong side of the tracks in 1910, soon realised he would be the oldest living rocker so took a magic potion in the late 70's and has since been playing his ancient heart out. He's been rocking and touring the local galaxy with his own signed band(Sweet Addiction) from 1986 to 1992 during which time they recorded 3 singles and one album and toured and played support with; Balaam and the Angel, Romeos Daughter, The Quireboys, Marillion, The Grip also playing festivals and supporting many other bands.

He has appeared on MTV, Raw Power, Chart Show and various TV Rock Magazine shows, with features in Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Sunday Sport and many regional magazines, fanzines and newspapers.
He has played on various recordings as guest guitarist/bassist and has also written, co-written, produced or co-produced a number of albums and singles for other artists, most notably the critically acclaimed Psychic Psurgeons debut album.

He played in successful 60's/70's band Poison Ivy for many years followed by an Adam Ant Tribute Band then being asked by John Rossall to join his Glitter Band in the late 90's. Dave's thumping Bass complimented the Glitter Band's Massive Drum Beat Sound perfectly. He then moved to Guitar in John's Glitter Band to make room for Steve on Bass. Finally followed by YC/DC (the inevitable AC/DC tribute band) a couple of years later
He has played with the likes of Slade, Mud, Sweet, Showaddywaddy, Alvin Stardust, Suzi Quatro, Brian F. Jones and many more stars of the 70's and beyond.

This experience and professional background stands him in good stead to give Glam45 the best 70's sound possible with his distinctive Buzz-Saw® guitar sound and flamboyant antics on and off stage keeping the "star" in Glam Rockstar
All of which is not bad for a 100 and odd year old.

Dave's Gear


  • Gretsch
  • Fender
  • Gibson




  • Boss Pedals
  • Dunlop Pedals
  • Ernie Ball 10-46 Strings



Ballroom Blitz Devil Gate Drive Live Compilation